Best flea collar

There are a lot of methods of treating the flea problem in your pet. You can give them medication and regular baths with a special solution. The most convenient method however is using flea collar. Just put this collar on the neck of your animal pet and a repellent chemical will spread over its body. You must be tempted to rush to the nearest pet store and get this product. Before you do that, you should get answers of two questions. First is that do flea collars work in the situation you are. Second is what things you should consider while buying it. The answer to second one is given below.


  • You should first consider the type of animal pet you have. Collars for different animals vary in size, intensity, durability, etc. You should get the collar based on that. This product is easily available for cats and dogs. If you have some other, you will have to make a lot of effort to find the right product.
  • Collars can be classified into two types based on the way they work. First one release a toxic gas is a small amount that works only on and around the neck of your animal pet. The second one uses a repellent that spreads throughout the body and adheres to the hair for long term protection. The first type is cheaper and less effective. Second type is the opposite.
  • Some people think that flea collars are to be used just once and they will work forever. It is not like that. Every collar comes with a duration that is generally mentioned on its box. You are supposed to replace it after that. Get the one lasts longer. Otherwise replacing it will get really frustrating for you.
  • Because the collar needs to be replaced regularly, you cannot afford to buy an expensive collar. Thus you should be very careful about the cost of this product.